VA Rescue Station

{{alt}} It wasn’t until 1871 that the United States decided there were too many lives being lost along the east coast from shipwrecked vessels. It was then that the USLSS (United States Life Saving Service) was formed.

They began building and manning life saving stations all along the east coast of the country. It was in 1878 when the Seatack No. 2 Station was built. This building would be the first building in what is now, Virginia Beach.

From the time it opened, it would be used vigorously, reporting to well over 189 shipwrecks in its years of operation. Over time, the USLSS would become the US Coast Guard. The rescue station was no longer needed, and the building itself was then moved across the street from its original site and turned into a museum.

VA beach would grow around it, into a big, boisterous, touristy area. Yet, even now, visitors and employees of the station claim that some of the stations dark past still resides in its walls. People have reported seeing, hearing and feeling a presence in the rescue station. Many have also seen a man peering from behind the attic window. Perhaps still on duty, these brave men still hold vigilance over the coast. Just in case they may be needed.

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Right near the Neptune statue.